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about us

ERRITHING was created by experts with years of experience and hundreds of connections. our experience and connections let us serve customers with premium quality products that come at a fraction of cost of other, so called, "branded" products.


why do brands charge so much money? do they have better quality products?

to answer the first part, to make money. its that simple. they make the customer pay for their name not the quality. whatever happened to the quality driven consumer base. brands are spending millions of dollars to make fools out of people so that they can make them pay $100 for a product that they manufactured for $6. the quality is still the same. the quality will always be the same. because if they improve the quality, it will hurt their pockets.


so why buy based on quality and not the name?

we'd be wasting our time by answering that. you should already know the answer.

 brand vs quality

why us?

nobody in the business has as much experience and connections in the clothing industry as we do. our experience and connections allow us to run a business that offers amazing quality but also can sustain and be profitable. we will be lying by saying we are not making money, we definitely are. but we don't need a $94 profit margin to stay profitable, we can work with $10-$15 too.


so, what are YOU going to do? buy for the name or quality?